"Experts in Home Health Care Advisement"

Jennifer Ramos has a been a successful business owner for many years. Having established a healthy network of Home Care Agencies throughout Southern California and Colorado, the wealth of knowledge she brings to people management is undeniable. The intention behind all of her pursuits lies in helping people experience a healthier life. In her previous endeavor she fielded the needs of many clients and met them with skilled professionals under her direction. Today as a Certified Professional Relationship Coach and ULT Technology Specialist she is able to take her expertise to the next level.

With similar home care service providers growing in number, she has found that serving as a consultant she is able to help others avoid mistakes.  Being a qualified Business Coach and ULT Human Behavior Specialist affords her the ability to use an advanced human assessment technology in the selection and management of supporting staff as well as in developing their potential. All of these skills work well in creating healthy relationships at home, in business and in life.