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Effective Communication
Difficult Dialogues
Clear and Concise Communication
Conflict Resolution and Management
Image Management

You have five seconds – yes, just five – to make a positive first impression. And whether you’re meeting someone for the first time, speaking in public or presenting to the board, those five brief seconds count as one big opportunity to garner the right attention and create a positive association with yourself. It may sound like a lot of pressure, but it’s really an opportunity to take a step back and become expert observers of ourselves. The key is to analyze verbal and nonverbal communication and recognize the statements we make through these clues.

Did you know that fewer than 35 percent of our messages are conveyed through words? Verbal communication includes tone, pace and the ability to listen to others in the conversation. More than 65% of our messages are conveyed non-verbally through poise, posture, facial expression, even style and personal grooming.

Interaction Styles

Our personality programs provide a language and specific guidelines for working with people of various interaction styles. Natural tendencies and preferences play a role in how they engage with others. Your own interaction style is part of your personal filter through which you see the world. By examining your interaction style and understanding those of others, you will be able to interpret other’s intentions and behaviors with greater accuracy and create compelling verbal and nonverbal communication that results in positive outcomes.

Learn more about yourself and others through this eye-opening program.

Shifting Perspectives

How many times have you assured someone, “I completely understand where you’re coming from”?

Did you really understand?

You can improve your ability to relate and communicate effectively with others by genuinely seeing things from their point of view and understanding what motivates them. As a leader, practicing shifting perspectives will result in significant improvement in verbal and nonverbal communication and conflict resolution and management, as well as your ability to lead and influence others.

Motivating Performance Through Feedback

One of the most essential skills a leader, manager or supervisor must use every day is the management of employee performance. Helping employees to be successful and guiding those employees who may not be performing up to expectations is critical to organizational success. Motivating Performance Through Feedback is a powerful, experiential program which offers the essential skills for managing day-to-day performance including how to establish and communicate clear expectations through verbal and nonverbal communications and how to set the stage for and conduct effective performance discussions, and how to turn the dreaded performance review into a welcome and routine encounter.

Managing a Successful Home Care business

According to Forbes Magazine, number one on the list of the fast growing industries is: Home health aides, with estimated growth of 56 percent in their numbers over the next eight years. Boomers are beginning to require home care, and many are hiring help for their care needs. With this growth in the Home Care Industry problems may arise and may impeded the growth of your business. With over 16 years owning and operating successful home care businesses both in licensed and non-licensed states our team is experienced with these issues and concerns and have already experienced the aches and pains of operating Home Care in America.  We can guide you on the “what to do” and “what not to do” of the vast issues which may arise throughout your home care experience. 

Seeking the most qualified candidate that will be an asset to your company can be a challenging 
process. Identifying necessary skills for the job as well as effective recruiting strategies are 
fundamental ground work. However, to gain a competitive edge and build successful employment 
relationships, companies are not only looking at the right  SKILLS, they want the right PERSON 
with the right skills.

According to a good hire can save your company capital, team morale, 
productivity and performance. Developing Leadership and maintaining optimum performance among 
all employees is essential for success.

The payback for selecting the right candidate and developing staff potential:
• Ongoing positive impact on work environment
• Increase in employee productivity & performance
• Supportive teams & Stronger work relationships
• Enhanced work culture & employee retention
• Accomplish greater goals with motivation & enthusiasm

Today, HR and Hiring Executives have many choices when it comes to methodologies 
and psychometric tools to assist them in identifying the most suitable candidate for the job. Where 
most of these techniques focus on the credentials, behavior and personality of the candidate, there 
is an advanced method of assessing human potential and performance; addressing one’s nature 
and how they interact with others.

JR3 Coaching works with businesses of all sizes to give them access to a quick and easy system 
that assesses a candidate beyond his/her resume. The information learned about an individual’s 
traits and capabilities, communication style, tolerance and perception, allows hiring managers to 
make the best choice for the job and the existing team. It also provides an opportunity to better 
understand existing employees and how best to keep them motivated and engaged in their career.


If you are interested in ULT® Training or Life Coach Certification courses, JR3 Coaching can answer your questions. Future ULT® experts are accepted through referrals. JR3 Coaching is a YCG Board approved reference provider by The Y.O.U. (Your Own Understanding) Institute and can screen candidates for eligibility as well as make recommendations for acceptance into ULT training and Life Coach certification programs offered through The Y.O.U.® Institute. YCG, LLC dba The Y.O.U.® INSTITUTE provides ULT® Training and Life Coach Certification programs that are Approved for Continuing Education by the BBS (California State Board of Behavioral Sciences) , BRN (California State Board of Registered Nursing) and the ICF (International Coach Federation).  

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Approved Continuing Education Provider by the International Coach Federation ... coursework is available through The YOU Institute.

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